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Press Start for your Next Adventure!

The video game industry may have the reputation of being hush-hush, but there’s nothing we want to hide about our deep passion for what we do! If you’re looking to embark on an exciting journey pursuing your dream job, we’re here to show you what goes on behind the doors at our studio.


We might be one of the tiniest countries in the region, but our studio’s on the bigger side! You may be surprised to know that we’re the largest studio in Southeast Asia, housing over 400 talents from all around the world. Making games loved by millions isn’t easy, but having a culturally diverse team definitely helps in creating games relatable to an international audience. Of course, having more than 30 nationalities under the same roof also has also allowed us to curate special events all year round – like our signature melting pot.


When you put together a studio this large, you’ll be sure to get a wild mix of personalities and quirky interests. From cycling and music to tea appreciation and more - you’re bound to find and bond over shared activities with others in the studio, and we even have regular interest group meetings! Some other cool stuff we’ve done over the years include Innovation Week, Halloween night, open-mics, art auctions and beach clean-ups.

While the ongoing pandemic delays our plans to meet IRL, we’re embracing the challenge! Stay-home weekdays have allowed us to find new ways to collaborate on our games and engage our teammates by bringing our studio online!

This means chocolate deliveries, communal cooking recipes and our favourite – sharing the cutest snaps of our colleagues’ fluffy good boys and girls. We’re currently working on transitioning back to working in the studio. Did we also mention that everyone gets a welcome back care pack as well?


They say home is where the heart is, and our heart’s pretty much here! Our studio’s a giant playground for the imagination and the ideal spot for the magic to happen. We’ve grown massively over the past years and have added many new studio spaces as we went along - take a glimpse at part of our space in our previous post here.

But we’re not nearly done – the best is yet ahead! We’ve got some major plans for the future and it’s never been more exciting. You’re looking for a new adventure and we’re looking for someone wonderfully quirky and special like you. What do you say?


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