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Our New Studio Expansion Pack

We’re growing! From a small space in Fusionopolis, we've come such a long way since our move into Solaris in 2010. We grew fast in numbers and had multiple unit additions along the way – once in 2012, another during 2018 and finally, this version in 2020! By continuing to expand our space, we’re able to welcome even more talent and continue creating unforgettable gameplay experiences.

Prior to Work From Home arrangements at the start of the year, Ubisoft Singapore briefly unwrapped an expansion pack in the form of new swanky studio space! It’s a 92-seater floor with unlimited natural light, an additional pantry and 4 thematic meeting rooms.

Our new expansion pack took over an empty unit on the 11th floor!

The initially empty unit was a blank canvas waiting to be painted. We knew we wanted a cool new studio space, but we also wanted it to be awe-inspiring, filled with local flavour and most importantly, conducive for creativity. Together with Interior Design firm, SCA Design, the ultimate quest was on to turn this empty space into a bad boy worthy of our devs. Curious to see the end results? Read on and check it out!

Don’t Say Bojio – Singapore slang for “Don’t say we didn’t invite you!”

Check out our new studio space:

Joo Chiat An ode to the home of the Peranakans – individuals of mixed Chinese and Malay or Indonesian heritage. This residential 8-seater meeting room was inspired by one of the most bustling neighbourhoods in Singapore, Joo Chiat. Bathed in rich history, the eastern residential suburb was once a small village of seaside retreats for the wealthy back in the day and has since been designated as a conservation area and revamped into a perfect blend of Instagram-worthy Peranakan shophouses and eateries.

Haji Lane

The biggest of the lot, this gem of a meeting room is perfect for huge meetings with a glorious 20-seat long desk and multiple side sofas. Inspired by a narrow shopping street tucked away in Singapore’s Central District, Haji Lane is often cited as one of the OG hip areas with some of the city's best bars and indie boutique shops. The street also thrives as a car-free zone on Friday nights and weekends, allowing its multi-mural walls to come alive with bands and dancing crowds. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the same will happen in this room!

Botanical Gardens Be surrounded by nature in this cozy 4-seater meeting room! This one's for our nature-loving devs, perfect for small get-togethers. Established in 1859, Botanical gardens is a testament to Singapore’s reputation as a City in a Garden, and is the country’s first UNESCO Heritage Site, joining the ranks of iconic landmarks such as Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and The Great Wall of China.

*SCAPE Situated in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district, *SCAPE – as branded by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) – aims to support the next Singaporean generation in pursuing their dreams in areas such as entrepreneurship, music, dance, arts and esports. In our version of *SCAPE, it’s not so much of a meeting room but more of a hangout spot – with a sofa and beanbags! – for everyone to chill out and flex their creative juices instead.

Looks like your dream workspace? You could take some inspiration from us, or even better – you could join us and create the unknown with a group of world-class game developers!

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May 05, 2020

Look so amazing! Would love to work here!

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