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Work From Home Diaries

With the implementation of “circuit breaker” social distancing measures in Singapore aimed at combating COVID-19, we had to find new ways to collaborate on our games and engage our teammates. So instead, we brought our studio online! Check out what we’ve been up to.


Working from home can get a little lonely sometimes, but many of us have fluffy little co-worker(s) we can count on! During April’s National Pets Day, we thought it’d be fitting to onboard some of our new desk mates. From furry dogs and beautiful felines, we couldn’t help but to go ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’ at the array of cute photos. Check out our album here!


Staying at home means we get to make the most of our lunch breaks (thanks to unlimited fridge raids!), giving us the perfect chance to enhance on our culinary prowess. Caffeine connoisseurs to pâtissiers and egg experts, we might just have the next MasterChef amongst us. Bon appétit!


While work from home does have its perks, many of us are going through a tough time. We miss the pantry breaks and coffee runs with our teammates and distance only makes the heart grow fonder. In recognition of the resilience of our teams and their unrelenting passion for making great games no matter the challenge, we called for a sweet treat delivery with chocolatey goodies!

This ‘new normal’ means that we’ll have to work harder than ever to adapt and thrive. Awkwardly unmuted microphones, home-made coffee and juggling work with the needs of the little humans at home are just some of the things that have become part of our new version of ordinary life. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this experience, it’s that remote working isn’t just about telecommuting – it’s about maintaining and enhancing our interpersonal connections despite the physical distance and supporting each other through unusual times. As we get ready to gradually return to the studio, we’ll continue to look out for one another and build on the strong bonds we’ve formed through weathering a crisis together. Stay strong everyone, we’ll get through this!

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