The Melting Pot – Celebrating Our Diversity

There’s no game developer in the world who doesn’t dream of their title becoming the next blockbluster, enjoyed by people from all walks of life, from every corner of the world. But making a game loved by many isn’t easy – it means making the game relatable to a very diverse audience and understanding what “fun” to different cultures means. And a diverse game needs a diverse development team.

Guess how many countries we’ve got represented at Ubisoft Singapore? More than 30! This means passionate people from almost every corner of the world have traveled far and wide to come together and create something amazing in Singapore. If there’s anything that deserves to be celebrated, it’s this kind of gutsy spirit and ambition.

Passionate people from almost every corner of the world have traveled far and wide to come together and create something amazing in Singapore.

When one thinks about celebrating culture, the first thing to come to mind is food. Besides, who wouldn’t love an excuse for a feast? So we started the Melting Pot – a monthly potluck which focuses on a different nationality in the studio each turn. The whole studio gathers in the pantry to enjoy a feast thoughtfully prepared by a team of devs of that nationality. Because we have more than 350 people, the first few minutes are always a re-enactment of the Hunger Games.

But the real stuff comes later - the organizing team always prepares a sharing session to talk about everything from their country’s history to music and slang and may even teach the crowd a few simple lines in their language. So far, we’ve discovered quite a few colleagues who are way funnier than they seemed, have a fantastic singing voice or are ridiculously good at saying a tongue twister in another language. (Or that when the Aussies say ‘Good arvo cobbers’, they actually mean good afternoon, friends!) This mini-party is easily the highlight of our month.

And we want you to come have fun with us! We’re looking for talented devs who are the good kind of weird– the quirky, diverse and ambitious people who will bring in fresh and astonishing ideas. We’re looking for champions who delight in embracing difference and can’t wait to be part of a close-knit international team that goes into Battle Royale mode every Melting Pot.

Yeah, no amount of cultural harmony is going to change that.

If you want to be part of our next Melting Pot, join our team today!

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