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Young Talents at our Studio

12 years ago, we opened our doors in sunny Singapore and never looked back since. We’ve housed countless talents from around the world at all levels – from spunky interns to expert veterans. Nothing makes our day like welcoming a new batch of passionate young professionals!

What is it like working at our studio as a fresh recruit? We speak to some of our young talents to find out more!

What made you decide to apply for a role with us after your graduation?

Eunice, Project Coordinator, Ubisoft Graduate Program


Project Coordination Intern

Alma mater

Operations and Analytics Major at Singapore Management University (SMU)

“I applied for an internship back in 2017, it was daunting at first because I didn’t know much about video games and how they were made. However, after my brief stint I knew I had to head back because I enjoyed each and every day at work, there was never a mundane or ordinary day. Having worked with so many talented and driven individuals that love and want to sharpen their craft, I could not help but pursue a full-time job here.”

How was your experience like when you joined for the first time?

Rika, Lead level Designer


Level Design Assistant

Alma mater

Arts In Game Design at DIgipen

“It’s a rather fond memory. I remember being all dressed up and excitable on my first day, the HR brought me to meet my team who made sure I was comfortable before being made to dive into real work. I went through loads of documentations at first, and it was only during the second week that my manager came up to ask if I wanted to jump into some projects and I’ve never stopped since. My first project was Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and I got to work on some really cool content along the river Thames and in the World War I Time Anomaly. It was pretty amazing seeing the final product and output of what I’ve created!”

What made you decide to continue your career with the studio!

Ta Eu, Junior Gameplay Programmer


Junior QA Engineer

Alma mater

Computer Science at National University of Singapore (NUS)

“I owe it to my mentors! They’ve always challenged me to develop difficult features that I thought were impossible but with their help, I managed to overcome everything in my way. Having these challenges made my time in Ubisoft more interesting and meaningful. There are also lots of great training programs here to improve on techniques for game development. A huge plus point for me? The annual internal Ubisoft Developer Conference where talented devs from 40 Ubisoft studios around the world gather to share their knowledge and new technology to ship the latest titles.”

Jason, Concept Artist


Junior Concept Artist

Alma mater

The One Academy of Communication Design

“It’s great that the studio focuses on innovation and career development. Because of that, I’m often surrounded by supportive people who constantly guide me to reach my goals. The people here are genuinely caring and will go out of their way to offer help and advice. If I can summarize the experience here, it’ll be that it feels like family!”

Their advice for our aspiring fresh graduates?

Grit, creativity, and a palette for adventure! Apart from having strong fundamentals and technical skills, having a constructive problem-solving mindset will make you stand out. Improve yourself by exploring new knowledge and inspiration to fuel your mind, look around and observe how the world works. It has so much to offer, so don’t limit yourself with what you currently know.

We were ranked top 100 by IT/Natural Sciences/Engineering students last year, hoorah!

At Ubisoft Singapore, everyone plays an integral role in shaping the next generation of game developers. We’re always on the lookout to onboard new adventurers in our never-ending quest to create unforgettable experiences. Come experience it for yourself and you’re going to realize that there is nothing cooler than saying that you make games. Join us!


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