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Winning in Wellness

Being the largest blockbuster video game development studio in the heart of Southeast Asia means that we’re always working on ambitious big projects, many of which require exceptional teamwork and tenacity. The vision of being the premiere creator of video games doesn’t happen overnight and we’ll not be where we are today without the support of all the dedicated operations teams looking after the studio.

In our ongoing journey of making Ubisoft SIngapore a great place to work, we have always put the well-being and growth of our team members first. We are proud and thankful to announce that our efforts have been recognized in the HR Excellence Awards 2021 – we received a Silver award in Excellence in Corporate Wellness category!

This award recognizes teams and individuals who are resilient in pushing the boundaries of people strategy, and achieving new heights in employee engagement, performance management, and more. With each little win like this, we are inspired to do better for the studio through the pandemic and beyond. The best is yet to play!


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