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Asia: At the Forefront of Gaming

Ubisoft Singapore is going online at gamescom asia 2021! The first satellite edition of gamescom, the world’s largest annual festival for computer and videogames.

Join us on Friday, 17 September at 2pm for the first iteration of the Ubisoft Singapore x gamescom asia webinar series — Asia: At the Forefront of Gaming, where you’ll gain first-hand insights into the ongoing transformation of the gaming landscape in Singapore and Asia.

The gaming industry in Asia has become one of the fastest growing in the world. Beyond a marked rise in the number of studios across the region, there’s been a stark 30% jump in gamers in recent years, with gaming spend rising in parallel.

In this ever evolving and dynamic multi-billion industry, where do the opportunities lie for the local ecosystems and workforce? And, what else is needed for Asia to claim its stake as a hub for game development worldwide?

Opening with a presentation by Darryl Long, Managing Director at Ubisoft Singapore, this 45-minute webinar will also feature key regional leaders in the gaming industry and shed light on the opportunities for its current and future workforce, as well as what we need for the local ecosystem to continue thriving. Register here!


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