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What It Takes to Build a Career in The Gaming Industry

With an estimated 3.24 billion gamers across the globe, we wouldn’t be surprised if gaming is one of your favourite past-times. But have you ever wondered about the inner workings of the gaming industry? And more specifically — what it takes to build the virtual worlds that captivate audiences worldwide?

Whether you’re keen on learning more about the interesting — and sometimes unexpected — career journeys of some of the best in the business, or if you want to get one step closer to your dream of working in the industry, the Ubisoft Singapore x gamescom asia webinar series will hit the spot.

Join us for an exclusive webinar on Tuesday, 28 September at 2pm, to hear first-hand, the experiences of Joan Hsu, Lead Animator at Ubisoft Singapore, Walter de Torres, Founding Partner of Pixel Mafia and Gwen Guo, Chairperson of Singapore Games Association.

Peek into what goes on behind the screens and hear from a profile of diverse developers in the sector about their career journeys, the hard and soft skills needed in the gaming industry, and common misconceptions about working in the ever-evolving gaming ecosystem across Asia. Register here!


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