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UBISOFT APPRENTICESHIP [C++]AMPUS – Our inaugural program for tech enthusiasts!

What is one language you need to master to be a video games programmer? You guessed it – it’s C/C++! Here at Ubisoft Singapore, we’re enthusiastic about tech and inspiring the next generation of talents to embrace their dream of working in AAA games, so we launched the Apprenticeship [C++]ampus Program with Digipen (Singapore)!

With a special curriculum designed by both Ubisoft Singapore and Digipen (Singapore), the program was created for aspiring tech talents in getting their hands-on game development experience while being mentored by our industry’s experts. In this first ever run of the program, we attracted over 260 candidates and eventually selected 15 talents to embark on an 8-month journey of classes, assignments, training, and development initiatives. The chosen apprentices included fresh hires and our internal employees as well, to whom we extended participation for their personal development!


The Ubisoft [C++]ampus has given me an opportunity to learn useful, new skills for work in Ubisoft. As a Technical Artist in UI, I can now assist my peers with programming and delve deeper into various day-to-day topics.

- Shahman Shariffudin, UI Technical Artist

The overall program was intense but provided me with an extraordinary opportunity to learn from Digipen and to work in Ubisoft Singapore. As an apprentice from a non-development background, I was given the chance to apply knowledge learnt to real work. It’s a great way to kickstart in the video game industry while creating AAA games played by millions!

- Pu Tian, Junior Tools Programmer



“At the start of the program, trainees were first exposed to introductory computer science topics such as data structures and algorithms. Understanding the complexities behind data structures and algorithms enabled students to design and implement optimized computer software programs. This eased them into the world of software development and gave them a chance to build a solid foundation before broadening their scope to pick up more in-depth skills required for game development, such as physics, computer graphics, and technical design. These lessons were delivered in the form of online lectures and weekly hands-on exercises to give trainees sufficient practice.” - Digipen Singapore

Virtual classes with our apprentices!


Our freshly hired apprentices had the chance to experience full-time on-the-job training with our Gameplay, Tools and UI Programming teams. Under the guidance of these experts, they also got to be part of our studio culture, activities and fun times. Kudos to all our apprentices for your tenacity, enthusiasm and passion during your entire experience – it’s no small feat to adapt to all the changes in working arrangements brought by COVID!

A partnership between Digipen, the pioneer of game development education and Ubisoft, the default destination for aspiring game developers was a match made in heaven. Coming out of the course, I’m now able to better read into the codebase of projects and collaborate better with programmers on the team.

- Aqil Hilmi, Junior Technical Artist

As a computer science and mathematics graduate from Yale-NUS College, I was familiar with computational thinking and programming languages like Python. I was pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive the class materials were, and how a wide variety of game development concepts -- even niche topics like computer graphics -- were covered. I hope to continue learning about the topics that these classes have exposed me to even after the course ends!"

- Elaine Oey, Junior Gameplay Programmer



After the eighth month mark, the program came to a close in March 2021. Celebrating the accomplishments of our apprentices, we threw a mini graduation party during the pre-heightened period with (socially distanced) photos and packed lunches. The graduating cohort also got to have a presentation with certificates given by our leadership team!

Special cheers to DigiPen (Singapore) for being a strong academic partner and for sharing our vision in bringing up the local game development ecosystem, we can’t wait to work with you again!

Our studio places a great emphasis on bringing up the next generation of talents and giving them the opportunities to make an impact. The Apprenticeship [C++]ampus Program has allowed us to give students a glimpse into our industry and help them gain critical technical skills – all while having lots of fun! Excited to be our next apprentice? Follow us on our social channels for future opportunities! Or better yet, get a head start now.


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