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Ubi Recos: Celebrating The Dad Squad

Happy Father’s Day! We previously put together a list showcasing all things our Ubisoft mothers love but we haven’t forgotten the cool dads in our studio – here’s a salute to them.

From game designers, to programmers, and more, we put together different recommendations from various parents in Ubisoft Singapore on titles for family fun and growth. We hope you enjoy this list, and as before, remember to tell your dad you love him!


As a dev and father, I’ve always wanted to play the games I’ve worked on with my young daughter. That’s why when Immortals Fenyx Rising was released, I thought it was the perfect chance to do so. Even though she’s currently too young to play it by herself, she still enjoys watching Fenyx explore the colourful world while solving puzzles and kicking monster butt with godly abilities. It’s a wonderful feeling for me to show her the sound effects designed for the game and now, she understands a bit better what I do for a living!

Bonus recommendation

Shrek. Beyond the hilarious plot and poop jokes, it has some lovely lessons such as accepting people for whom they really are and sticking by your friends even through disagreements. Most importantly, they show that princesses who know kung fu are lit!


The Monster Hunter series occupies a special place in my heart, as a teenager I’d play this game with my two brothers back during the PSP days. I can’t recount the number of laughs, memories and the sheer fun we’ve had playing the game together. With multiplayer, it really encourages teamwork and excellence, because our replay chances are shared. If you use up all three lives, that’s it, the hunt’s over.

One of my secret wishes is to be able to bond with my young daughters over it as well, and to foster that sense of teamwork. It’s something to look forward to when they’re older. But for now, they love looking at the dango animation and Felynes, it's a small start!

Bonus recommendations

Astro’s Playroom, it’s a free PS5 game that can be appreciated by both children and adults. The numerous call-backs to older PlayStation titles bring me great nostalgia, and the tiny robots with silly actions are something my daughter loves to look at.


A game that I recommend for the whole family is Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. The story revolves around a young girl trying to save a nature reserve on an island. It has a strong conservation message with light-hearted visuals and players can have fun snapping photos of the wildlife around. The game is accessible even for a pre-schooler, and we got it on the Switch so there's the option of having a smaller kid-friendly controller. It's interesting to see my daughter’s progression from earlier games; when she’s older we’ll probably move on to one of the Discovery Tour games on Assassin's Creed.

Bonus recommendations

Between work and two kids, the wife and I try to sneak in time with streaming options – Kim’s Convenience and Loki. As a family, we love Raya & the Last Dragon – it’s so cool to be able to see Southeast Asian cultural representation in a big, animated film. In fact, my daughter enjoyed it so much, we watched it twice in the same weekend.


Between my daughter and I, it's got to be Minecraft – a sandbox crafting game with just enough simulation to make it feel alive. It’s the first game we’ve ever played in multiplayer. Exploring the world, building and figuring out how things work together has created many memorable positive, bonding experiences for us. It’s things like this we would share over the dinner table with mom as well.

Bonus Recommendations

Roblox. It has a large variety of games, and some of them offer many opportunities for role playing or building. It's a highly popular game among her classmates, such that my daughter uses it as her social network. Keeping in contact with a friend means exchanging Roblox usernames.

Games and entertainment alike are just some of the many ways to bond with the people around us. If you’re looking for a squad that’s diverse, serious about fun and filled to the brim with quirky personalities, we’re on the lookout.

Wondered what our Ubisoft mothers have been into? We asked them just last month in our Ubi Recos: A Mother's Day Special article.


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