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Trip to the Beach: Clean Up 2.0

It’s back to the beach. On 1 June, Ubisoft Singapore embarked on its second beach-cleaning operation with 40 studio volunteers to East Coast Park – one of the largest and most popular beaches in Singapore – to commemorate World Environment Day. With majority of the pandemic restrictions lifted, we were once again able to get our hands dirty and do good with some of our team members in person!

And we're off!

The long-awaited beach cleanup also called for a reunion with Zero Waste Singapore, a local non-profit NGO, whom we had first met in 2020 to learn about the harmfulness of plastic consumption. Upon arrival at the check-in point, goals were set: volunteers would split into mini groups, comb the vast beach, and carefully sort out trash collected into different categories.

Combed 4km of shoreline over several hours, and collected over 6,000 individual items, weighing nearly 35kg.

So why the sorting? Our friends from Zero Waste explained that it enabled us to not just see what types of trash was reaching our shores, but also an indication of where they come from. Cigarette butts and broken glass are most probably a result of littering, but plastics were a concerning symptom of a much larger problem.

Into the sorting bag

The notorious butts

Rather than banishing the plastics to the trash and somewhat perpetuating the cycle, our cleanup team found The Plastic Project, a group that upcycles plastic waste into useable items such as cup coasters or clips for a new lease of life. As a special token for their hard work and efforts, each of our studio volunteers got to pick out their own unique plastic memorabilia made from the cleanup.

Coasters, carabiners, keychains, and earrings created from beach plastics

There will likely be more ocean plastic than fish by 2050, and the amount of trash washed ashore should give us an idea of how much more is polluting the ocean and harming marine life. Just like our first beach cleanup two years ago, this operation was a stark reminder of trash excess in the ocean. Every bit counts and our teams are proud to play and do good. After all, there can be no videos games without our home – planet Earth.


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