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Studio Life: Women in Tech

Creating video games loved by many around the world is a feat which demands the perfect combination of ideas and skills. And the best way to concoct this winning cocktail of creativity is to build a team of diverse talent – with each member bringing their unique experiences and strengths to the table. Finding what we have in common is our secret to uncovering brilliant ideas and crafting beautiful stories that speak to a global audience, we’re proud of our diversity and we love to talk about it!

This week, we’re featuring 3 remarkable ladies who took the road less travelled in their pursuit of a tech-related profession. What propelled them to pursue gaming, stand out from the crowd and make their mark in the industry? Hear from Hui Yee (Technical Artist), Yan Lin (Gameplay Programmer) and Lingshuo (Junior Gamplay Programmer) and get to know their incredible journeys.


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