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Meet our new DevOps Engineer, Caoimhe Harvey!

Thinking of switching jobs? We know how daunting setting foot in a new workplace can be, especially when everyone’s semi-working from home. Which is why we’ve made many efforts to make the onboarding process as comfortable, welcoming and serotonin-inducing as possible – did we mention you also get a bounty of exclusive swag?

In this brand new Meet Our Newcomers series, you’ll get to know the freshest, brightest additions to our family, hear their thoughts on our inclusive onboarding process and get their first impressions of our studio. This week, we introduce you to our DevOps Engineer Caoimhe (pronounced Qui-vah), who moved all the way from Ireland to pursue her dreams in sunny Singapore! Check out her first impressions of our studio and industry:

Q: How did you come across this opportunity at Ubisoft Singapore?

A: I’ve been wanting to relocate to Singapore and spent about 10 months trying to find a job. I came across Ubisoft roles on LinkedIn and was excited at the potential and opportunities offered, but none of them fit my skillset. Luckily, a position for a DevOps Engineer opened up soon after, and it needed Python and automation skills. This was exactly what I was experienced in and I applied promptly. Within 1.5 weeks, I received my offer!

Q: What was the interview and hiring process like?

A: I had a very positive experience during the interviews. Technical interviews can be quite stressful and nerve-wrecking, but the team at Ubisoft really put me at ease. After each interview, I’d find myself thinking about how nice the team is and how much they seemed to love what they were doing.

Q: How would you describe your first week at Ubisoft Singapore?

A: My first week at Ubisoft has been great! I was onboarded remotely due to COVID, and I was impressed at how well it was done. My team welcomed me with open arms and made the process really smooth, so I adjusted quickly. Right now, I’m still figuring out the ins and outs of my team and project. The project I’m working on is really exciting and I am thrilled to get started.

Q: What are some of the things you're looking forward to most at Ubisoft Singapore?

A: When the COVID situation is stable, I would love to return to the office and meet everyone face to face. I’m also very excited to learn more about the gaming industry as I’m new to it, so that’s going to be an adventure!

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love to travel and eat, so Singapore is the perfect place for me. I’m on the lookout for recommendations in Singapore for any type of food! I enjoy a good hike, doing scuba diving and pole fitness. I’m also hoping to improve my extremely basic level of Chinese so that I can say more than just asking for dumplings!

And that’s a wrap! Caoimhe is an excellent example of how you don’t necessarily need experience in video game production to be hired. She used to work with on Tax and Customs systems! As long as you can show that your skills are transferrable and that you’ve got a strong passion for the creative industry, you’re a great candidate for us. Feel like you relate to Caoimhe or want to experience the adventure she’s living right now? Hop on board and join us on our voyage.


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