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Thirteen Years at Ubisoft Singapore

The year is 2021, and Ubisoft Singapore is bigger than ever before. We’re now thirteen years old and a long way from where we started. As we wind down for the year-end festivities, let’s take the time to commemorate yet another yearly milestone and to celebrate our wins – regardless of big or small.


We miss all getting together – the live jamming, parties, coffee breaks, you name it. To keep the Ubisoft spirit strong and annual celebrations just as memorable, our team prepared a fun virtual surprise for the studio with a special 13th birthday theme.

Every celebration’s got to have great munchies, so everyone received a surprise tote bag packed with yummy snacks, a custom hoodie and an exclusive invitation to the virtual celebrations. In our livestream, we looked back on our year together, celebrated with puzzle games and cheered for our project teams’ achievements. Check out our photos and screenshots!

The forementioned yummy snack pack

The Live Stream begins, happy 13th birthday to us

Playing team games, or not

Our awesome one-of-a-kind 13th Anniversary hoodie

Here’s to a wonderful 2022 and many new adventures at our studio, happy holidays everyone!


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