Girl power – Our ladies in tech!

It’s no small fact that games appeal to a range of ever-growing audiences, but one demographic is rising considerably faster than the rest. In Asia, the playing field is increasingly levelled as females continue to join the ranks in the gaming scene.

With that growth, it comes as no surprise that the number of female tech creators are on the rise as well. At Ubisoft Singapore, we believe in honing young talents to shape the next generation of game developers. As diversity and representation become an increasingly prominent essential among the industry, it’s exciting to see our talented ladies receive recognition in the traditionally male-dominated field of games publishing.

Meet Anne-Laure Condamine and Rika Lim, our Production Director and Lead Level Designer who both clinched a spot in the inaugural SG 100 Women in Tech list 2020. Announced in September last year, the platform was launched to honour outstanding women in Singapore's technology sector and aims to bring together Asia’s leading female innovators while celebrating diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We sit down with two of our studio’s super ladies to find out more about their journey in the industry!

Tell us about yourself and what you do in Ubisoft Singapore!

Anne-Laure Condamine: As a Production Director, I work closely with our directors’ team to ensure that their visions and ideas are well-represented during the game development process. You could say that I’m in charge of steering the boat, ensuring that the team has clear objectives and is aware of their priorities. It’s crucial to place the right crew in the right positions so the team is streamlined to be the best they can in ensuring a smooth development process!

Rika Lim: In a nutshell, I would describe myself as an architect but for virtual game worlds. A Level Designer’s day to day would usually include planning and designing our worlds based on references and research alongside other job families. I work with a concoction of ingredients to provide fun and engaging gameplay experiences with the game designer and level artist who will beautify the world. As of this moment, I’m currently leading an amazing team locally and mentoring designers from our sister studios in Philippines and Chengdu!

What were some of the huddles you faced throughout your career?

RL: One of the challenges I had was transitioning from a Level Designer to a Lead Level Designer, as that meant that I now had to manage a team. It required a whole new skill set, from technical to mentorship, but thankfully the studio gave me the right opportunities and training to pick up the managerial skills needed. I quickly adapted and learned to put myself out there and let people reach out to me. As somebody with the passion of building people up, it was a largely fulfilling experience to see how the team has shipped games and accomplished so much.

As somebody with the passion of building people up, it was a largely fulfilling experience to see how the team has shipped games and accomplished so much.

Any sources of inspiration? ALC: An inspiring work environment! Having a team that embraces individuality and open-mindedness makes every day enjoyable. Our diverse studio culture can also enrich the games we make by reflecting more memorable and immersive experiences for our players. This also makes our ideas so much stronger as they have been bounced off people with different experiences and backgrounds.

Any words of advice for those stepping into the industry?

ALC: There’s always something new to be learned, so it’s important to be able to be agile and flexible. Don’t be afraid of new challenges and always take the leap to jump into new opportunities. Try and you might end up loving it, if not learn from your mistakes and try again. The possibilities are endless, it’s not as big as a risk you think!

Try and you might end up loving it, if not learn from your mistakes and try again.

RK: No matter where you are on your journey, you should always be open to new opportunities that come your way. Being open minded and receptive to feedback will naturally draw opportunities and promise growth. If it’s something you want to do, go for it. If it doesn’t work out, you can always take a step back and revaluate your next move. Last of all, remember that you’re never alone. You work in a team and they are always there to support you!

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