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Gaming, Levelled up: The Disruptive Innovations Taking Over Gaming

Video games have come a long way since pixel art in the ‘80s, and looking at the way technology continues to progress, the future of gaming is bright.

Just as gamers push their boundaries in-game to level up, developers are using new techniques and emerging technologies to push the gaming experience forward! Take a peek into the future and learn about the disruptive technologies that are taking over game development, and how these innovations will augment the gaming experience for both gamers and professionals alike.

What can we expect from the gaming industry in the coming years? Find out with Dr Chedy Raissi, our Data Science Director at Ubisoft Singapore, Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus and Mark Choi, COO of MIRAGESOFT at the final iteration of the Ubisoft Singapore x gamescom asia webinar happening Tuesday, 12 October at 2pm (SGT)!

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