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Game Development Myths Debunked

Thinking about working in video game development? Or better, joining us at Ubisoft Singapore? If the answer is yes to either of those two questions, maybe it’s time you made your mark in the industry. In this article, we look at highlighting and breaking down some of the common misconceptions in the gaming today to help aspiring developers kickstart their journey. Could the video game industry be a gamer only zone? Or could it be a field dominated by a few select roles? Let’s find out!

Myth: You have to be a gamer to work in the video game industry

Reality: Not necessarily, what you need is passion and drive for your craft.

Being a gamer might help you produce better content, but it’s certainly not an absolute necessity. What’s more important is passion for your craft. Whether you’re a programmer, designer, or modelling artist, it’s your personal experiences and professional expertise that will make you a great contributor to video games development. So while fellow gamers are more than welcome to join our squad, drive and passion tends to be more important in a successful career.

Myth: You don’t need a game specific/any degree to make games

Reality: As one of the most competitive industries out there, you’re going to learn on the job no matter what education or background you have

It’s no surprise that the video game industry is one of the fastest moving. What should accompany you on your game dev journey is your mindset when entering the industry – being agile, adaptable and have a desire to constantly create and never stop learning.

Game development can be a complex process, requiring a combination of professional expertise, skills and talent, but these don’t necessarily need to be obtained with a degree! In fact, video game development courses are already available at most of our local polytechnics in addition to DigiPen Institute who are our tertiary education partner for curriculum input, internships and most recently, an Apprenticeship [C++]ampus program. It’s all about building the future generation of game developers in Southeast Asia and that doesn’t always have to come with a degree.

Myth: Game development is only for programmers

Reality: Everyone has a different role to play in developing video games

When it comes to creating video games, programmers are certainly essential to the process, but they’re just one of the many job families needed especially for a AAA producing studio. At Ubisoft Singapore, we’re home to a diverse crew of more than 35 nationalities hiring widely across different job families – it’s safe to say, you’ll find a lot more than programmers in our team!

Behind the doors of a video game studio, there are a variety of job families that work to bring multiple ideas to life – from animators, art and audio designers to game testers, producers and writers, everyone has a significant part to play in creating a blockbuster title. It’s one of the few industries that combines tech and art, so being an artist with no technical ability or a programmer with no creative vision can only get you so far. It’s only with talent from across the world and all walks of life that we can create games loved by players worldwide.

So, if you’ve got a story to tell, we want to hear it! It’s time for that leap of faith.

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Federico Poliseno
Federico Poliseno
Dec 01, 2021

I would love to work for Ubi ♥

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