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Celebrating Green Weeks at Ubisoft Singapore

It was an exciting couple of weeks at the Ubisoft Singapore studio! As part of our Global Green Weeks initiative, we celebrated the planet with a couple of studio-exclusive events ranging from eco-talks to virtual farm tours and our ever-so-popular Art Auction. Read on for the scoop on these green festivities.


As part of a special hands-on segment, each of our participating team members received a starter-kit in mail to grow tiny superfoods from the comforts of their home. The workshop also featured a virtual farm tour – the perfect virtual ambience with no extra sunscreen needed! Check out these little greens.


Our team members also got treated to a Zerowaste talk and ClimateFresk workshop to learn more about the harmfulness of plastic waste and the interconnecting mechanisms of climate change through speakers and special game cards. (Pssst…. support our local NGO Zerowaste here!)


To end off Green Weeks with a bang, the Singapore studio also came together for a virtual charity art auction which saw a $9,002 donation to UNICEF! With 48 pieces of old concept art curated from our studio’s history, each canvas features a special story to be told and kept forever by fellow team members in the studio – effectively giving them a new lease of life.

Some of the said artworks in their new homes!

Our Senior Art Director posing with his old art piece, rock on Wil!

It doesn’t take much to do good and feel good with us! At Ubisoft Singapore, we’re always on the lookout for ways to create a sustainable future for work, play and our planet. If that sounds like your your cup of team, perhaps it’s time for a leap of faith.


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